Hi, I’m Jamila

I Design & Develop WordPress Websites

Hi! I’m Jamila and it’s safe to say that I have a few tricks up my sleeve. From designing WordPress websites to developing SEO strategies for small businesses, solo entrepreneurs or creatives; let me work with you on building your own unique website layout while considering both user-friendly design elements as well as effective business solutions through affordable packages. Website Maintenance? Content Writing Services? You name it – if there is someone out there who can get the job done efficiently then you’re in luck because I will take care of all aspects of your website so you can focus solely on running your business flawlessly without having to worry about something like updating outdated content when needed (that’s my gig).

The Things I Love

Long Walks


Jamila designed and built our charity website as well as providing all the text and document support for us to run our charity. Her communication process was smooth, clear and easy to follow. She also gave valuable advice and guidance. Jamila set up our social media accounts and created all our documents and formed all our policies and procedures.

Thanks, Jamila for all your amazing work, so much appreciated.


Dr F Saad


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