Hi, Jamila Jones here!

What can I say about Jamila Jones? Well, I’m a female web designer and I am driven by the transformational power of women supporting women.

With up-close experiences of success and failures, great personal loss, and with the will to be the best version of myself…

I turned my love of tech into a passion for web design.

I turned my love for helping others to support businesswomen to grow their companies.

I turned my passion for business into a collaboration of like-minded, talented women.

I turned my family’s love into a foundation for financial freedom by caring for them while staying unapologetically true to myself.



The Jamila Jones story begins

Like many other businesswomen I work with, I knew I had it in me to reach great heights!

In my younger days, I lived a life not thinking of my impact on the world, but during that time. I was blessed with an incredible job that was imprinted on my heart.

Amid all the noise! I found myself seamlessly working up the ladder as the Deputy Manager in a women’s shelter for homeless & domestic abuse. I had never experienced physical abuse, but verbal abuse in my past relationships left me broken.

Yet… I kept pushing forward. Life happened. I started a family.

Food, shelter, and clothes were all I considered. I never thought about what I enjoyed doing, never mind what I was good at.

Until the tragic loss of my baby sister, that was in my care, and shortly after my mother.

I was devastated.

But there was a voice within that wouldn’t let me drown in my despair.

She yelled back at me …

‘No, Jamila… you won’t feel helpless, and you won’t let yourself go. You grew up in a home of love, hard work, and getting up when life knocks you down.’ 

Working in the shelter taught me a lesson about the importance of self-care.  I fell in love with the ability to help others, and seeing these women transform was deeply inspiring. I found myself in a position where I could make a real difference.

I also realised that to heal, I needed to take life’s lessons back to my roots and put myself and my family first!

I said to myself – “Jamila, it’s time to truly put your family first and give them the best of you before life keeps passing you by.

That was it. I was putting my foot down.

Goodbye, social expectations. Goodbye, stressful jobs. Goodbye, losing me.

Girl, goodbye! It’s time to become Jamila Jones.

I had a flow of ideas, creativity, ambition, and a fearless attitude in the face of hard work.

I am a person that loves helping others. In 2009 I founded the charity Sisters4Islam, a Non-profit Women’s Support Group dedicated to helping those in need within my local community and overseas. I continue to be deeply committed to this work. However, after many years of reflection, I finally understood what I was meant to do based on my skills, passions, values and what I do well.

The energy. The ideas. The passion. The vision. The mission. It all started to come together!


The Virtual Click was born from the deepest desire to be close to my family, work from home and support women to dominate in business. It was inspired by my roots, watching my entrepreneur father, alongside my first taste of success at nine years old, when I sold fish ‘n chips to my neighbourhood friends.

I knew what I had to do …

In true Jamila fashion, my passion for transforming took over. But this time, Jamila Jones was doing it for herself. I realised I better start living to my fullest potential and, start filling my empty cup with the God-given gifts that I had left unwrapped.

I embraced me!

I discovered my greatest strength and passion was in creating visionary websites for successful women in business. Websites; that has become a loudspeaker for real business growth and success. Built to attract, scale effortlessly with automation – bringing in more leads and sales. And, best of all, customised to be truly unapologetically you.

Jamila Jones, Female Web Designer

My realisation has blessed me to…

two women sat with laptop-female-web-designer

… to make visionary entrepreneurs breathe a sigh of relief!

You are paralysed and unable to grow your businesses since tech-related business elements give you too much stress and anxiety.


… to free up time for businesswomen that are overwhelmed

Your daily operations could be a lot simpler with the help of automation, website management and back-end cleanups.


…to get your website to work for you!

Most of my clients had existing websites up, but they weren’t strategised to work for their business and were wasted real estate!


…to give comfort and ease to extraordinary women

with an extra set of hands, don’t miss out on anything again. Enjoy extra love and care with your families and have fun too!


four business women in suits-female-web-designer

I know many businesswomen that take on the world!

They are doing it all, but it’s holding them down because of its sheer weight. I believe that teamwork with a network of support is the only way to constant growth and ultimately success.

As the founder of The Virtual Click and a female web designer, my job is to be that “team” for businesswomen, determined to keep rising and keep their websites up to date, running smoothly and making money.

Meet the Virtual Clique

When I started my business, I knew that building a trusted network of colleagues was going to be one of the most decisive steps toward my success. After all, there’s nothing more valuable than knowing that you have a reliable group of women on your side; 1. who has your best interests at heart. 2. who can offer their support in any situation.

Nafeesah HASSAN

Nafeesah HASSAN

Tech VA and Automation Expert

Zainab Babayaro

Zainab Babayaro

Web & Shopify Developer

How I can help you with your web design project?

There’s nothing quite like taking control of your own career and destiny. And with a bespoke website, you can do just that.

I specialise in helping women build websites they love.

* Websites that reflect your life, your values and your passion.

* Websites that give you purpose and direction.

* Websites that allow you to create financial freedom and independence.

I know what it takes to create a successful online presence. And I can help you every step of the way, from planning and designing your website to maintenance and automation to help drive targeted traffic and convert visitors into customers.

If you’re ready to take your business to the next level, I’m here to help. Get in touch today, and let’s start planning.

Book a free 30 min consultation

Google Reviews

Bint Hwaa
Bint Hwaa
An interesting experience and very much appreciated. I liked how Jamila took the time to record on video and show me what she talking about in her feedback. I received 5 useful and practical tips through the eyes of not only a visitor but through the lens of a specialist.
Nazneen Choudhury
Nazneen Choudhury
Jamila provided an audit for. This was very useful. I now know where some of my weak spots are, where I need to create more clairty, interest, increase SEO, and she even gave me a tip on creating a lead magnet. I know that I'll come back to Jamila for more help. I highly recommend Jamila's service!
Aafiah bint Kay
Aafiah bint Kay
Really insightful!!! And well explained !!!
Sadia Hassan
Sadia Hassan
Simple and effective audit, which really helped. The five points are clear and actionable. Thank you
Nasim Ahmed
Nasim Ahmed
The mini review undertaken by Jamila was very clear and provided positive direction to improve our website. We will seek to implement all five suggestions to improve our visability.
Minrah Ke
Minrah Ke
I’ve been working with the virtual click for over a year. I love that the process wasn’t rushed at all. Jamila was very patient with me and paid attention to every detail of my website. I’m so grateful for the tutorials I received after the completion of the process. Since I’m not very familiar with website development they were very useful.
Amyna Jama
Amyna Jama
Jamila has been very professional, creative and quite helpful right from the on set with making our website exactly how we envisioned it, from basic details of design and color schemes to making our website simple to understand and easy to use. Really loved working with her and her customer service is top notch ! Looking forward to working with you again. Would highly recommend.
Hamilton up
Hamilton up
Phenomenal Web design with great eye for detail buisness and design wise.
priscilla vadivelloo
priscilla vadivelloo
I liked the fact that Virtual Click was always able to provide me with added videos, links and information on how to get the information I required to achieve the best results. My journey with Virtual Click has been one why I did not feel alone at any stage of the process, they were always at hand ready to assist.

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