Hi, I’m Jamila

I Design & Develop WordPress Websites

I’m a tech-savvy Web Designer and SEO specialist who works primarily from home providing website and business support for small businesses, solo entrepreneurs and creatives. Let me work with you to build a unique and compelling website which is both user friendly and effective. You will find I offer affordable website packages jam-packed with value. I also provide stand-alone services in Graphic Design, as well as Administration Services.

My experience runs through a wide scope of industries from social housing to non-profit organisations to travel and hospitality. For you, that means you get the right outcome for your business project. You can be self-assured that I have the bona fide experience to generate the highest quality output. I will work with you to establish what you need, research your market and consider your mission before developing your brand.

My Story


Personal PA

Fresh out of Secretarial College 🎓  landed my first job as a PA at the University of Bristol. Shorthand & Typing Speed 80 words per minute. I owned an Amstrad computer 💾  and a Brick retro mobile. Vintage but Classic. Just like me.👌🏽  


Restaurant Manager

Joining my parents in their business venture to start-up and manage their Caribbean Restaurant was a great experience. 👨🏽‍🍳

I studied Hospitality & Management 📚 while I lead the family team to deliver a professional service. Hard work, fun times 🎉  good memories along with delicious home-cooked Jamaican cuisine.🇯🇲


Deputy Manager

Worked my way up the ladder in Social Housing, supporting and transforming the lives of others. In addition, I started a family ❤️  Oh, and I upgraded my mobile to a flip phone about-me-the-virtual-clickand started using Windows 95 PC. Moving up in the world!  


Housing Officer

I moved to Leicester and continued to work in the Housing Sector before deciding to branch out on my own to work as a Virtual Assistant. Spent the next few years studying business 🧳  and developing my website skills. I hated Windows Vista, 👎🏽  loved Windows Phone 7 👍🏽  and fell deeply in love with WordPress.❤️


Founder & Managing Director

I continued to nurture and develop as a Virtual Assistant and Web Developer. So, I applied my business and leadership skills within my local community by setting up and managing two charities.🎗 This was sometimes challenging but extremely fulfilling. Got me an iPad, white Mac Book and iPhone6s. Never looked back! Apple all the way! 🍎


Co-Managing Director

Co-Managing Director of a small travel agency. Setting up another business, 🤸🏼‍♀️  just love it!  I’m in my element with systems, structure and planning. What’s not to love? Also, discovered that the UK has some beautiful destinations.⛱   I had my iPad and iPhone8s when travelling, that’s the beauty of technology. I still got stuff done. Just love technology.


The Virtual Click

So, here we are in 2020. 😷  I’ve got my MacBook Air, and iPhone 8sPlus.📱  As you may have guessed I love technology, WordPress, planning and systems.

You having a website can benefit your business in so many ways. It adds instant credibility, attracts new customers, targets a wider audience and showcases your work to name just a few. 👏🏽   So, if you’re going to do one thing today to help your business be more successful, make getting a website your top priority.🎖

The Things I Love

Long Walks


Jamila designed and built our charity website as well as providing all the text and document support for us to run our charity. Her communication process was smooth, clear and easy to follow. She also gave valuable advice and guidance. Jamila set up our social media accounts and created all our documents and formed all our policies and procedures.

Thanks, Jamila for all your amazing work, so much appreciated.


Dr F Saad


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