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Website Audit Application

Finding it difficult to create a website you LOVE?

You’re not sure if you’re wasting time & money on unnecessary items?

Want to make as much money as possible from your website?

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You’ve put a lot of time and money into your website, but is it really doing its job?

Get the clarity you’ve been wanting with an in-depth website audit with a focus on your current site’s design and user experience (UX).

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Let’s take a deep dive and do a brand and website audit and then show you:

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What you’re doing well – to increase trust.

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What you can do better – to make more sales.

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What changes or additions to prioritise for best return – so you save money.

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A roadmap on how to move forward – so you know exactly where to go.

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Any big mistakes you’re making (to remove straight away) – so you stop losing money.

Get expert advice and a full website audit of your brand & site from only £120

~ SWEET BONUS: 100% of the cost will be used as credit if you choose to proceed with my proposal ~

Now that’s a great offer if you ask me!


Meet Your Website Audit Expert

My name is Jamila Jones, the founder of The Virtual Click. I love working with ambitious women who know their own minds and want a website that reflects their unique brand and personality.

Let me support your growth through a website audit that will give you a competitive edge, increase your visibility and convert visitors into customers.


Keen to get started?

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