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Ever felt like you’re spinning plates trying to create your own website? Relax while I build a beautiful website you will love. Leave the tech stress to me.


clarify your message

Using the brand story focused design process, I capture your essence while merging your vision and values ensuring your brand resonates with every visitor.



Showcase your brand online with a beautiful, responsive website. My designs integrate functionality, aesthetics, and a positive user experience to create a site that’s both attractive and functional.

You’re a smart, ambitious Muslim woman.
So why is designing a website so frustrating?

Salaams Sis, 🤲🏽

I see you, working tirelessly to turn your dreams into reality.

You value the significance of a professional online presence …

…but with the demands of running your business, caring for yourself, and your loved ones, striving to maintain a strong connection with Allah and a healthy work-life balance, plus finding the time to learn how to design your own website can be overwhelming.

I get it, but don’t let that hold you back from reaching your dream Dua. I’m here to help.

Sound familiar?


You don’t have the time, knowledge, or desire to design your own website.


You’re not sure what your website needs to look and feel professional


You’re struggling with clear messaging that represents your brand and your values.

Elevating Muslim Women with Beautiful,  Functional Websites


A custom website, perfectly tailored to express your brand’s unique personality, drawing in your audience and leaving a memorable impression


Get your brand details in one place, including your brand personality workbook your logo, fonts, colour palette, and graphics.



On-page tweaks to ensure your website is attractive to both your audience and Google driving more traffic and boosting sales

As a Muslim female entrepreneur, I understand the challenges that come with building your dream business.

You’re overwhelmed, tired of losing time and money, and worried you don’t have the technical knowledge to be a “real” success.

sad muslim woman sat at desk

Can you believe it’s been over 7 years already?
 Time flies when you’re doing what you love. I’ve cherished every moment of supporting Muslim women in developing their personal brands with clarity and confidence.

muslim woman sat at desk with a big smile

How? By designing beautiful, customised, conversion focused websites that capture your brand’s unique personality.

A great website needs clear messaging, an expertly-designed layout, and SEO optimisation to attract the right clients.
Without these key features, your site just isn’t doing its job – attracting qualified leads and converting them into paying customers. But that’s why I’m here.

My purpose is to create a safe and understanding space for Muslim women entrepreneurs where you can communicate freely with me. Confidently build your websites, knowing that your voice will be heard, and your website will truly reflect your brand.

What Clients Say

Jamila has been very professional, creative and quite helpful right from the on set with making our website exactly how we envisioned it, from basic details of design and colour schemes to making our website simple to understand and easy to use. Really loved working with her and her customer service is top notch! Looking forward to working with you again. Would highly recommend.

Amyna Jama

Co-Director, Minrah

I highly recommend working with Jamila (the Virtual Click).

I approached Jamila, following a recommendation from someone, to create my first website for my coaching and training business. Working with her has been a delight. She was professional, responsive, understood my needs and always delivered what was agreed. I am very pleased with the end product and it was worth the investment. Thank you Jamila

Aziza White

Coach and NLP Trainer, Living For Success

I was very impressed with the website review I received. I got a detailed written report. I also received a very detailed and well explained video report. I found this very useful. I don’t know much about the website world. However, the terminology used and the stepwise approach to explain the report and suggested changes were very useful and easy to follow. Criticising or receiving constructive feedback on your website could be difficult to digest, however, it was done in a professional and considerate manner. I found Jamila to be very approachable and professional to work with.

Salma Zaffar

Director, Urdu Adventures

Work With Me

Let’s set your business up for success from the start.


Tell me about your business so I can understand how I can help.


My collaborative design process marries your entrepreneurial creativity with my technical expertise.


Grow your business with a beautiful website you’ll be proud to share.

Starting your online journey?

What kind of website does your business need?

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Crafting Your Brand for Business Success


As Salaam Alaykum, I’m Jamila Jones

The designer and creative mind behind The Virtual Click.

I love helping fellow women launch and grow their online businesses by designing beautiful, functional, and professional websites that showcase their unique personalities.

I’m passionate about helping other women empower themselves through business success.

Want to get inside my head? Check out my blog, Unapologetically You!

The Design Process

Step 1


We begin the discovery process with a Business Questionnaire to fully understand the heart and emotions of your business. We discuss what features and requirements are needed to obtain your business goals.

Step 2


The results from the discovery phase are formed into a plan of action ready for implementation. This proposal includes the scope of work, timescale, budget, and terms.

Step 3


With the proposal approved, it’s time to develop the pages and content of your website This may include images, videos, slideshows, and other media and integrated features contained within the scope of work

Step 4


During this last phase, we pay particular attention to ensuring all integrated features are tested and functioning. Once you have agreed on the final review, your shiny new website will go live, 100% fully responsive for mobile devices.

if you are still not sure…

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