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When you sign up for my mini website audit,

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Uncover & Optimise

I’ll take a look at your home page to uncover and pinpoint areas that could use a little TLC.

First Impressions

I’ll look at the design and visual appeal. You want to captivates your visitors from the moment they arrive.

Personalised Recording

Receive a personalised recording crafted uniquely for your website’s success.

Above The Fold

I’ll ensure this section captures visitors’ attention and highlights your brands’ standout features.

Responsive Design

I’ll check its mobile friendliness, ensuring a smooth experience for visitors on all device.

Expert Eyes 👀

Get a fresh perspective and some valuable feedback from an experienced web designer (aka me!).

Hear What Others Are Saying

I approached Jamila at The Virtual Click because I had seen her work and and I felt that she was the right person to be able to translate my ideas into web design. Can I just say how amazing Jamila is at what she does. She is an organised creative, methodical and a true professional. She is courteous and was extremely understanding to me, both on a personal and professional level. Her work is second to none and I fully trust her skills and her expertise in the web design, SEO and web maintenance arena as the result she provided me was exactly what I needed for me to not only have a website built but she also gave me lots of tips and insights around Branding, Copy & SEO. The contact experience was made very convenient through email and walk through video updates, and she always remained in touch. I highly recommend Jamila at The Virtual Click. Working with her was an absolute pleasure and very enlightening. Thank you so much! Wishing you every success
Fatihiya Saad
Fatihiya Saad
The virtual click has produced an exceptional one page website for Second Chance. The mission, vision, goals and objectives are cearly shown. The website is colourful, vibrant, interactive and informative. Definitely will be instrumental in promoting our work especially ourcharitable ventures within and outside the United Kingdom. Very pleased with the excellent website and highly recommended to other organisations. I approached Jamila because we run a local charity that needs extensive promotion due to the community based activities Jamila helped me by highlighting the most important aspects to reflect that would target the most important audience The result was amazing and she managed to capture the essence of what our charity stood for. One thing I liked was her openness, clarity, interactive nature and willingness to listen to our suggestions and steering us in the right direction. I found the experience very profound because I was able to reflect on the goals and objectives of our charity. I would recommend Jamila to people who need a insight on how to promote their businesses or community activities to a wider network of people.
Zainab Babayaro
Zainab Babayaro
I chose to have a one-page website because I needed a simple website to showcase the details of my services. I’m a small business owner and I don’t necessarily need a full blown website. Working with Jamila was enjoyable and a learning experience. It was thought provoking in the way that it helped me to think about the how I want to present my business to my potential customers. Some of the features my website has were an ‘about me’ section, a section showcasing my services and prices, a section explaining the details of what I do etc Jamila even went as far as showing my website to her audience. I have since gotten lots of compliments and conversions on the website. I would recommend Jamila's services to others because she’s easy to work with. She is patient, kind and pays great attention to detail.
Nabeela Akhtar
Nabeela Akhtar
Hi I came across The Virtual Click via a Ladies group. I had been in search of a female only web designer for quite a while. I contacted the sister and without any doubts I was convinced I have found the Right person. Sister Jamila came across very friendly and calm considering I have no knowledge about website designing and all the IT tech that comes with it. My Journey started Immediately and I couldnt have been happier. The whole process was smooth. Sister Jamila kept me upto date with Everything as my website came together. She Helped me with alot of decision makings and how my website can flourish. Sister Jamila is very knowlegable and expert in her field. It was great working with you and this Journey will continue Inshallah. Very Happy with the End result and I highly recommend Sister Jamila.
Aziza White
Aziza White
I highly recommend working with Jamila (the Virtual Click). I approached Jamila, following a recommendation from someone, to create my first website for my coaching and training business. Working with her has been a delight. She was professional, responsive, understood my needs and always delivered what was agreed. I am very pleased with the end product and it was worth the investment. Thank you Jamila
Bint Hwaa
Bint Hwaa
An interesting experience and very much appreciated. I liked how Jamila took the time to record on video and show me what she talking about in her feedback. I received 5 useful and practical tips through the eyes of not only a visitor but through the lens of a specialist.
Nazneen Choudhury
Nazneen Choudhury
Jamila provided an audit for. This was very useful. I now know where some of my weak spots are, where I need to create more clairty, interest, increase SEO, and she even gave me a tip on creating a lead magnet. I know that I'll come back to Jamila for more help. I highly recommend Jamila's service!
Aafiah bint Kay
Aafiah bint Kay
Really insightful!!! And well explained !!!
Sadia Hassan
Sadia Hassan
Simple and effective audit, which really helped. The five points are clear and actionable. Thank you

Meet Jamila Jones…

As salaam Alaykum. I’m Jamila Jones, and I’m all about empowering fellow Muslimah entrepreneurs to rock their online businesses with stunning websites that truly reflect their unique personalities.

I’m here to help you achieve success in your business journey. Grab your FREE mini website audit and let’s take your home page from “meh” to “oh yeah”!


What exactly is a mini website audit?

Well, it’s basically a deep dive into your home page. I Will analyse everything from the design and messaging to the user experience and mobile responsiveness. The goal is to uncover areas for improvement and give you actionable recommendations to boost your website’s performance.

How long does the mini website audit take?

While I strive to complete the mini website audit within a few days, please note that on occasion, it may take a bit longer.

Is the mini website audit really free?

Yes. There are no hidden charges.

Do I need any tech knowledge to understand?

No. I break down the audit recommendations in simple terms that anyone can understand. My video walkthrough will guide you through each recommendation.

Can I make the audit recommendations myself, or do I need professional help?

The audit recommendations are designed to be user friendly, so you can roll up your sleeves and make the improvements on your own. However, if you would like some help, I am available to provide my website design and optimisation services.

Will the mini website audit guarantee an increase in conversions and leads?

While I can’t make any guarantees, the mini website audit is packed with recommendations that have proven to be effective for many of my clients. Implementing these changes can seriously boost your website’s performance and increase your chances of converting more visitors into customers.

Can I request additional services or support after the mini website audit?

No worries. I have a range of services to meet your needs. From web design to SEO optimisation and ongoing support, I’m here to help you take your website to the next level. Just let me know what you are looking for, and I willl come up with a plan tailored just for you.

Need More Than Just a Mini Website Audit?

Upgrade to my full website review, and you’ll get the royal treatment ✨

This is perfect for you if your current website isn’t delivering the results you want or if you have a brand new website and want to make sure it’s working at its best.

With my full website review, I cover the design, user experience (UX), branding, main menu, homepage content, SEO, and more. It’s the complete package to elevate your online presence and create a website that truly represents your brand. So if:-

you’ve been struggling to attract customers 😵‍💫

you’re just not sure if your website is hitting the mark 🎯

My full website review will give you the insights and guidance you need 

But here’s the best part – if you decide to move forward with a proposal after the review, you’ll get a 100% discount on the cost of the review. Yep, it’s on me.

 Upgrade now and let’s get started on transforming your online presence.