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Simplicity and Efficiency, all on a Single Page

Starting out online? I totally get it. It’s a huge world out there, and figuring out where you fit can be, well, a bit overwhelming. But guess what? I’ve got just the thing for you.

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Not Yet Ready for the Whole Web Shebang?

Does This Ring True?

Not sure where to start?

You feel overwhelmed by the idea of launching online.

Wish there was a no fuss way to just start without the overwhelm?

Want a taste of online success without breaking the bank?

Do you want me to create your one page website for you?

Good news

Let Me Create Your One Page Website

Imagine having your website link at hand, ready to share on socials or emails etc, guiding clients directly to everything about your business.


Rapid Readiness

Up and online before you know it. Launch with lightning speed.

Wallet Friendly

Perfect for when your not ready to go all out yet.

Sclae & Succeed

As your business blossoms, your website can elevate with it.

Simple & Effective

Details about you & your business in a streamlined, user friendly layout. 

Clear & Crisp

Cutting through the noise, delivering the essentials for a powerful presence.

Google Ready

Optimised for search engines, set for you to be seen

The Heart of Your Business

Your One Page website is where your audience will connect with you.
Every interaction, every click, and every path leads back to your page making it the beating heart of your business.

As Salaam Alaykum, I’m Jamila

Welcome to The Virtual Click, where I merge design with purpose. My passion lies in assisting fellow women entrepreneurs, especially from our vibrant Muslim community, in launching and nurturing their online presence.

Each website I help set up is a step towards building an online identity. My goal is to ensure they resonate with your distinct passion and purpose. Empowering fellow muslimah entrepreneurs is not just a job for me, it’s a mission. This is how I contribute to our collective growth.


Are you ready to be visible with your One Page Website?

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Your Web Debut Awaits

Simple. Streamlined. Effective

One link, one destination that captures your brand, tells your story and showcases your offerings.

mock up of desktop tablet and laptop devices of one page website

What is included

Contact Form Integration

A simple way for visitors to get in touch, ensuring you never miss an opportunity to connect.

Mobile Optimised

With more than half the world accessing the web from mobile devices, your site will look fabulous on smartphones and tablets.

Customisable Design

Even though it’s a single page, the design elements can be tailored to suit your branding – colours, fonts, and images.

Social Media Links

Direct buttons or links to your social media platforms, making it easy for visitors to follow you.

One-Click Booking Integration

Directly link your site to allow visitors to schedule consultations or appointments seamlessly.

Up to 5 Pre-Designed Sections

With five defined sections, you will have space for all your essential information without overwhelming your visitors.

14 days Support Post-Launch

I’ll be right by your side, ready to assist with any questions or tweaks, 

3 Month Follow Up Call

This is our 30-minute call to evaluate and strategies new goals and opportunities for your website.

Pick Your Blueprint

Select from my collection of templates, each designed to cater to diverse business needs.

Ready to begin

Launch Your One Page Website in
3 Easy Steps

make the payment

Your first step to laying the foundation for a website that truly represents you

book a call with me

During our call, we will address any questions and your vision before deciding on a launch date.

Design & Launch

With my simple process, share your content. I will customise the website, and then… voilà! Your online.

Google Reviews

Bint Hwaa
Bint Hwaa
An interesting experience and very much appreciated. I liked how Jamila took the time to record on video and show me what she talking about in her feedback. I received 5 useful and practical tips through the eyes of not only a visitor but through the lens of a specialist.
Nazneen Choudhury
Nazneen Choudhury
Jamila provided an audit for. This was very useful. I now know where some of my weak spots are, where I need to create more clairty, interest, increase SEO, and she even gave me a tip on creating a lead magnet. I know that I'll come back to Jamila for more help. I highly recommend Jamila's service!
Aafiah bint Kay
Aafiah bint Kay
Really insightful!!! And well explained !!!
Sadia Hassan
Sadia Hassan
Simple and effective audit, which really helped. The five points are clear and actionable. Thank you
Nasim Ahmed
Nasim Ahmed
The mini review undertaken by Jamila was very clear and provided positive direction to improve our website. We will seek to implement all five suggestions to improve our visability.
Minrah Ke
Minrah Ke
I’ve been working with the virtual click for over a year. I love that the process wasn’t rushed at all. Jamila was very patient with me and paid attention to every detail of my website. I’m so grateful for the tutorials I received after the completion of the process. Since I’m not very familiar with website development they were very useful.
Amyna Jama
Amyna Jama
Jamila has been very professional, creative and quite helpful right from the on set with making our website exactly how we envisioned it, from basic details of design and color schemes to making our website simple to understand and easy to use. Really loved working with her and her customer service is top notch ! Looking forward to working with you again. Would highly recommend.
Hamilton up
Hamilton up
Phenomenal Web design with great eye for detail buisness and design wise.
priscilla vadivelloo
priscilla vadivelloo
I liked the fact that Virtual Click was always able to provide me with added videos, links and information on how to get the information I required to achieve the best results. My journey with Virtual Click has been one why I did not feel alone at any stage of the process, they were always at hand ready to assist.

And just so were clear…

You’re in the right place if

Your eager to establish a simple online presence?

Your not ready for a full scale website but still want a solid start?

Want an affordable platform that aligns with your values?

You see this as your first step in your online journey?

muslim woman sat at desk with laptop drinking from a blue coffee cup
mock up of desktop tablet and laptop devices of one page website

What does it cost?


More questions?

Let’s see if I can help

Will my website be mobile responsive?

Yes. Every website I build is optimised for viewing on mobile devices, tablets, and desktops to ensure the best user experience.

What platform and tools do you use to build the one page website?

I use WordPress in conjunction with the Divi. This combination provides the best in terms of SEO capabilities and flexibility. It ensures your site will be both search engine friendly and adaptable, while still delivering a visually engaging experience for your visitors.

Do I need to buy a domain and hosting separately?

Yes, while the one page website package doesn’t include hosting, I offer added hosting services through my partnership with SiteGround. As for domains, I can guide you through the process of purchasing one or you can use your existing domain. The choice to use SiteGround’s services can offer enhanced speed and performance for your site.

How do I update my website content?

Along with your website, you will receive access to my resource library of “How-to” videos, guiding you through the process of making minor updates. For larger changes, I’m just a call away. 

What are the payment terms for the one page website?

For this entry level website package, full payment is required upfront before I begin the project.

Are there any hidden fees I should be aware of?

No. The price you see is the complete cost for the one page website. Any extra features or functions you require can be discussed separately.

How do I submit content for the website?

While you will need to provide the written content, images, etc for the site, rest assured I have made the process seamless for you. Through my project management system, you will find it easy to submit everything needed to bring your website to life. 

What if I don't have all the content ready for the website?

No worries. If you do not have certain elements like written content or specific images, I can assist in creating them for you at an additional fee.


What if I want to add more content or sections after my one page website is live?

The one page website design is streamlined for simplicity and clarity. If you find that you wish to expand in the future, you have the option to upgrade to our 4+ page website or opt for a custom website package. I am here to support your growth every step of the way, ensuring that your online presence scales with your ambitions.


How long does it take to get my one page website live?

From the moment I receive all your content and details, I aim to have your website live within a week. The exact time can vary based on specific requirements.


How many revisions do I get with my one page website?

I aim to get things right the first time, but I understand the importance of tweaks. With this package, you entitled to one revision. If you need further changes after this, we can discuss options to best accommodate your needs.

What happens after the 14-day post launch support ends?

The 14-day post launch support is designed to make sure your initial journey is smooth. After this period, I provide various support packages available to cater to any ongoing needs. Whether for occasional updates or regular maintenance, consider it handled.


Would you like to…?

Use the Divi Builder…

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