I’m so glad you’ve joined me for a stroll around Watermead Park, Leicester. Being a web designer – running my own freelance business from home can get pretty overwhelming at times. I love going on long walks with my husband in order to destress and refocus! 

So, as a home-based freelance business, I’m tucked inside my cosy little home 75% of the time.

The remainder I, unequally, divide between shopping and long walks in my favourite parks in Leicester. There’s no doubt that the latter is my favourite activity, hence my selective wonky maths skills for the remaining 25%. ? ?

To begin with, walking has many benefits but when you’re deeply and madly in love with a certain activity or your job, as in my case, almost nothing can drag you out of your comfort zone.

Then comes a place like Watermead Park. It’s become, our not so, little secret place that was revealed to my husband and me last summer. 

Watermead Park Mammoth

A statue of a mammoth in Watermead Park, Leicester

When I say Watermead Park, many think of the mammoth. This big guy is part of the Watermead park, a star amongst other great things to be found there. From the beautiful lakes, picturesque scenery to that giant Watermead Park Mammoth and the polar bear, sculptures are all part of the climate trail and the gorgeous lakes.

Watemead Park History

Fun fact: a bit of watermead park history for you 

Before Watermead park became a recreational area, it was a place where sand and gravel was extracted for the concrete industry.

During those times a few archaeological discoveries were made.

They found the remains of a prehistoric mammoth, horse, deer and bison along with two human skulls dating back to the Bronze age. Oh, you did know– well I didn’t! 

Much awareness is needed in our rapidly changing climate. Watermead Park evidently brings this out in the way the park is oriented and designed. A joy for anyone who has an affinity for nature and climate change. And if you don’t, learning about the beauty of nature through this park visit will make it more visible why we should care. 

“ Beauty surrounds us, but usually we need to be walking in a garden to know it.”


I’d like to dedicate this spiritual quote to Watermead Park in Leicester City. Not to worry, I have also made several visits to the other beautiful parks in Leicester, too, but this park I frequently visit is close to home. Unwinding in this spot after a working spell certainly helps to keep me grounded and connect with the beauty around us. 

You will find this park close to the motorway, so easy access for anyone who drives. The Watermead park car park cost £2,50 for an All-Day ticket, not too shabby for a brilliant place that stretches all the way from Syston to Thurmaston and into Leicester City, don’t you think? 

What Can You Do At Watermead Park?

There’s plenty to do there other than walking, although just walking for me makes up for all the times I’ve been pinned to my desk working hard, eating chocolate cake and drinking coffee.  

Just to name a few:

  • The park has a broad variety of wetland habitats. I haven’t done any bird watching or nature study but it would definitely be something for bird lovers. 
  • Activities like windsurfing and sailing can be enjoyed at the park too. A beautifully blended recreational area with much to offer. I’m afraid I’m still discovering all the wonderful things it has.
  • I will set a plan and take some time to visit each area, to slowly indulge and digest. 
  • This park is also family-friendly with play and picnic areas. My children have flown the nest but I plan on taking my grandchildren on their next family visit.  

The peacefulness, the slow pace, along with the bird’s and the tranquillity that nature gives us. It certainly gives my soul a good kick and a reminder of what really matters, and for me that’s family.

My business projects and the undeniable progress I have made on my mindset, I owe to this place. It just gets my creative juices flowing!  

I felt like I was on a mission when I walked across the rope bridge! Check out this ultra-cool web chick! ? ??

rope bridge in watermead park leicester

This is a wonderful place for all and there’s something to do for everyone. Luckily, this park is not just confined to rejuvenating my brain after depleting it through hours and hours of web design and SEO

Come on! Get out of your house and take a visit!  

Thank you for taking this short stroll down Watermead Park with me. Here’s a handy dandy guide for when you decide to take my word and visit.

Let me know in the comments below what your favourite park is and why. If you’re based in Leicester, even better! 

I would certainly love to know if you found this article helpful! I can’t wait for your input, so please let me know by leaving a comment below. Don’t forget to share my writing with others who might find it interesting too.

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