In this article, I give you 11 Hot Tips to Organize Your Home Office for optimum performance. To make your setup more pleasant and productive. I’ve included recommendations for better posture while sitting at your desk all day, as well as choosing a suitable workspace, desk, chair and lighting.

1. Being Mentally Prepared

I have been working at home as a Virtual Assistant and Freelance Website Designer for several years now. While sitting in your pyjamas on your sofa to work may be tempting, it is better to maintain a professional routine. Get dressed and prepare for work. Accordingly, It will surely help in getting you mentally prepared.

By all means, dress down, but consider a new attire other than your PJs. Your appearance is important, especially if you are going to video chat. ?

relaxing home office

2. Your Professional Space

11 Hot Tips to Organize Your Home Office - Jamila Jones

Setting aside a spot in your home for your office is necessary. It will give you the structure and quiet space that you will need to complete any vital projects. 

Spare Room

Maybe you are lucky enough to have a spare room which you can allocate as your work area for peace and privacy. But if like me you do not have an additional room, securing a spot in another part of your house will make do. 

Indeed, if you are lucky to have an entire room dedicated to your office. You may want to consider having different work areas within the room. For example, having a coffee table and a small comfy seating area near the computer will allow you to move around more, instead of being stagnant all day. 

Standing Area

You may also wish to set up your computer on an elevated platform, that way you do not have to sit all day.  A standing desk offers you this variety, plus there are added benefits to having one. It is said they help to:-

11 Hot Tips to Organize Your Home Office - Standing Desk

• Reduce back pain

• Lower the risk of heart disease

• Lower any chance of weight gain

• Improve your mood and energy levels

• Improve your productivity levels

Easy Access

Another tip to organize your home office is to have all your documents and equipment within reach. Make sure you have all your paperwork and office tools in one area and not all over the house. Scrambling to find your documents or phone numbers is not a good look. To have your client wait on the phone while you are panicking and fumbling to find what you need is unprofessional. Make sure all your documents and equipment are close by and easily accessible.

3. Dealing with Distractions

Once you have secured a space, it is time to look at distractions in your home.

Working from home and sitting in front of a computer all day long can sometimes be hard. That is why you should keep your home office clear of any further distractions and obstructions. If you are already working from home, you will know it is not always possible, or practical, but knowing the best ways to stay productive will keep you on track.

11 Hot Tips to Organize Your Home Office - family distractions

Family Affairs

You can start by setting healthy boundaries with your loved ones. Make sure you inform your family that your office space is dedicated to your work only.

  • Try setting the specific times which you should not be disturbed.
  • You may want to stop people from just barging into your office area. 
  • Set boundaries from the beginning. 
  • Request that they knock, or text you. 
  • You could also try having a do not disturb sign displayed. 

Just let your family know that once you have finished working, you will be available to spend time with them. Good Luck!!


Let us look at other distractions in your home.

I work in the living area of my house where the noise of the TV in the background or family chatter can be distracting. If you cannot change the noisy environment around your space, you may want to invest in a good pair of work-at-home headphones.

It is hard enough having to listen to other members of your household while you are trying to work. Investing in a good pair of noise-cancelling headphones could be just the thing to isolate you, so you can concentrate and get some work done. 

4. How To Choose The Best Desk For Your Home Office

To organize your home office, choosing your desk will be a major decision. You want to make sure you carefully assess your work requirements, preferences and available space before shopping for office furniture of any kind.

11 Hot Tips to Organize Your Home Office - office desk

Your desk will be where you will end up spending the majority of your time. Thus, it is essential to consider everything from the size of the desk and design to its functionality. You will feel great once you have invested in the right desk for your home office. It will help increase your productivity, well-being and efficiency. 

The Layout

So now that you have allocated the space for your office, you will need to make sure the desk will fit. You will need to consider the dimensions, accessibility to the electrical sockets, and if it will be near windows. Also, remember, it is crucial to account for the desk chair dimensions and if your printer or filing cabinet will be close. 

Your Office Needs

Consider the desk space you may need, not only for a computer but also for a phone, headset, writing surface and printer, among other items. Your profession and workspace requirements will dictate the desks specifications as every need will be different.

What Type of Desk? 

The look and aesthetics matter a great deal when it comes to purchasing office furniture. You might want to think about what will fit in with the decor you already have. Your room decor can help guide this decision. There are so many different types of office desks to choose from, glass-top options, wooden ones, plastic desks to classic wood materials. Explore your options.

5. How to Stretch at Your Desk

Practising good posture habits and taking short breaks every hour can make all the difference when you are sat all-day. So much so, that it will help to improve your creativity and ability to work well.

Michelle Joyce is an Ergonomics Expert. I purchased her video series. ‘ 30-Day Posture Makeover’ which includes stretches that you can do while you are sitting at your desk.

6. How To Choose The Best Chair For Your Home Office

Organize your home office to have the best seating. If, like me, you already have back issues, then you know it is critical to find the best chair for your needs, especially, if you are going to be sitting most of the time. There are several elements that you will need to take into consideration when choosing a desk chair for your home office. 

Getting the Height Right

Consider the height of the chair. It will need to be the perfect height for the person using it, meaning, it should be enough for you to sit with your feet resting firmly on the floor. You should also be able to adjust the height of the chair. The majority of people need a seat that is between 16 and 21 inches off the floor. A sitting test is the best place for you to start.

11 Hot Tips to Organize Your Home Office - chair

Sizing Your Chair

Another component for you to consider is how wide and deep the seat needs to be. A standard office chair is between 17 and 20 inches in width. If you bypass these measurements, you will need a larger chair, but if you come in below those measurements, then you could purchase a smaller chair.

Consider the depth of the chair. It needs to be sufficient for you to sit with your tail end against the back of the chair. Again, if possible, a sitting test will give you a good feel for it.

Lower Back Support

Having lower back support should always be a point to consider when choosing an office chair. As the bottom of your spine is naturally curved, sitting for periods without assistance, will be very damaging to your spinal alignment.

Should your chair not have any lower back support, the result will be very uncomfortable and even painful. Also, if your chair is lacking back support, slouching tends to occur more often. Ensure your chair has a natural curve which will provide you with good support and can be adjusted to optimise the entire feel of the chair.

The Best Seating Material

Make sure your chair has enough padding on the seat to provide sufficient cushion for your tush to sit on for any prolonged periods. Often fabric materials are favoured as they are much more comfortable than the hard materials.

Checking Reviews

When purchasing your chair or any office furniture, read the reviews associated with the item you are considering. Reading the reviews carefully can help assist you in finding the absolute best chair available.

7. Are you Sitting Correctly? 

When sitting at your desk, do you find yourself bending over your computer while you work? Unhealthy desk posture causes muscle fatigue, pain, and discomfort and could lead to serious health problems. 

Check out Michelle’s Youtube video, which shows you the correct way to sit at a desk. Her video played a significant part in getting rid of my neck fatigue and improved my posture.

8. What’ the Best? Desktop or Laptop?

Do you use a Desktop or a Laptop for your home office? Well if the majority of your time you spend gazing at your computer screen, you may want to consider purchasing a spacious monitor. If you use a PC, then I recommend a minimum size monitor from 22 inches in size. It will allow you a decent amount of working space for multi-tasking and enhance your productivity. An article written in the New York Times by Farhad Manjoo delves deeper into this recommendation.

My iMac monitor is just under 22 inches. The display quality is stunning. Everything looks as sharp as a pin, and the colours are both meticulous and vibrant. Having a larger screen makes it easier on the eyes, making the overall experience of working more pleasant. 

11 Hot Tips to Organize Your Home Office - laptop stand

Laptop Stand

There are occasions where I will use my laptop at my desk. I highly recommend you purchase a laptop stand to avoid any neck ache and discomfort. It can be painful. 

With your laptop on a raised and tilted stand, you can then fine-tune the screen position, so it is at your eye level. Moreover, this is going to relieve any neck ache.

Should you find your laptop stand is not high enough, you can further adjust the height with some books. This laptop stand I purchased works wonders. I can manipulate it to the right position that I need. It looks good too, and it is also very flexible, allowing you to place your laptop at the right angle.

 9. Tips For Lighting Your Home Office  

To organize your home office to have the right lighting is another vital factor. The correct lighting can increase your productivity and assist with reducing mistakes and errors. Choosing your lighting well will help stimulate your mood and brain function as well as keep you awake and focused.

11 Hot Tips to Organize Your Home Office - lighting

When positioning your desk, make sure any incoming natural light from your windows does not cast a glare on your computer screen. 

If you organize your home office in a tiny corner of your home, you may only need a few simple lights. In contrast, when it comes to a much bigger room, it may be wise to consider if you will need an assortment of lighting placed around the room. Or, if one large overhead light will suffice. 

You might want to say goodbye to your tiresome old desk lamp and embrace the many different fixtures of lighting available through contemporary designs. Having spotlights on your desk will ensure every I is dotted, and no T’s left uncrossed.

Whichever way you go. Don’t waste money on cheap light bulbs that burn out in no time. Buying the energy-efficient bulbs will last you years and shave a good amount off your monthly electric bills. 

10. Your Supplies and Accessories Matter

The best home office is fully equipped with pens, paper, paperclips and other necessary supplies. Whereas, it is going to enable you to make the most of your workspace.

Your profession and organisational style will help you decide if you need a lot of drawers or overhead storage, or if underneath storage is adequate.

Some desks come with a locking file cabinet built into the furniture. Others have holes for wires to help you keep your technology organised. It is also good to keep in mind that adding shelves to a home office desk area can often make a big difference overall. 

While most of my work is online and stored digitally, I still make use of bookshelves. Because I love reading, I have dedicated shelf space for my personal development books. The rest of my bookshelves I allocated to manuals and supplementary work files and materials which helps to ensure that everything is close at hand. My home office is in my living room. Therefore, the bookcase also serves as an element of decor.

11. Decorating Your Office


Just as people like to decorate their office area at work, you should have no hesitation about adding a little bit of character to your work area at home. Organize your home office to have printed artwork around the room. Or, pretty elements of decor like office ornaments and plants will help to remind you that this space does not have to be one of stress and frustration. After all, it is your home, so you can decorate your office space in any style that you see fit. 

Do you work from home? What hot tips can you share when organising your home office?

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