Once upon a time, far far away in the corner of my favourite coffee shop…

…I couldn’t help but notice the luminous sight of the dedicated soul working as a freelancer enjoying a perfect looking latte topped with whipped cream and a generous slice of chocolate cake, while they were bashing out a blog post just like this one right here.

Long story short – and they worked as a freelancer happily ever after.

I apologize, this is not a fairytale. I’m merely sharing with you a tiny glimpse into the life of working as a web design freelancer. Stay with me, we’re not done yet.

Having a freelance business can bring with it several advantages, some less visible than others; yet all fantastic. Trust me.

So, let’s see…

  • Do you want more freedom and flexibility? (..hmmm..)
  • Do you want to answer to no one? (Yes, please!)
  • Do you want to earn money from your business on your own? (Keep talking…)
  • Do you want to learn, develop your skills and find out what else you are capable of? 
  • Do you want to have control? 
  • Do you want to negotiate on your terms? 

“Where have I been?!” – I hear you!

I bet you’re thinking, it’s almost too good to be true? It’s all true. However, it’s not always going to be rosy but that’s what makes it ever so authentic and intriguing. 

Read on.

Freelance Work From Home

  • Home sweet home. This definitely is almost everyone’s favourite part…

Working in the comfort of your own home. Wave farewell to the early morning traffic, overcrowded public transportation – we will not miss you. Bye!

Rather, your commute is only as long as it takes to get from your bed to your computer. If you fall asleep with your laptop then not long at all, right! (bad habit, I know)

Work From Any Location 

  • My portable business. Ha!

Some people, like myself, go with the self-employed lifestyle so they can work from anywhere.

You can, if you want to, take your business with you wherever you go. Let’s just say you will plan your business around your life and not the other way around. 

I often travel from Leicester to Bristol to stay a few weeks, sometimes months with Mr O B Jones Esquire, my 90-year-old Dad. Bless him.

One more thing I have also been known for is to travel on holidays with my laptop in toe – yep, yet another bad habit. That’s a pic of me in Turkey with my laptop in my backpack. I should really be relaxing. Maybe I should, but you never know when you’ll get inspired. 


Inspiration can come while you’re enjoying this nice cup of coffee and a slice of chocolate cake I mentioned earlier. Let those ideas flow like hot chocolate sauce!


Geographic Location

  • Just like Doctors Without Borders, I’m Business Without Borders! Minus the Nobel peace prize.

For the cost of your internet bill, you get to do business with clients, contractors and VA’s from any part of the world. The thought of it still gets me excited and grateful every day. 

This is the beauty of the internet: it allows you to broaden your client base beyond any kind of geographic barriers. It will broaden your horizons. 

Broad horizons bring with them big, colourful experiences and dreams. 

You will learn a great deal as you interact with individuals from other parts of the globe even if it’s only for your business. A plethora of goodness-no room for complaints here.

Becoming A Business Owner 

  • You’re not the boss of me!

Another big-time favourite of many freelancers. I know it’s one of mine.

When you are working as a freelancer, you are your own boss, which means you will be your own manager. 

This will naturally come with a lot of responsibility as a business owner, such as meeting deadlines and any agreements made with your clients. 

But it also means, no other person is breathing down your neck to make sure you are on task or monitoring every move, which brings me to this:-

  • Micromanagement. 

This can be the number one enemy for many.  

As a freelancer, you will absolutely be in control of your business, and all the elements that come with that which includes a lot of enjoyability. 

It’s your party, you can micromanage yourself if you want to!

Choose Whom You Work With 

  • Another Godsent gift. Such a relief!

As an employee, you may have little to no choice who your work colleagues will be. 

Your manager will certainly select staff they believe is the right fit for their business. But, hang on, they may not necessarily be a good fit for you right?

Working alongside aggravating work colleagues who take credit for your work or the associate you just can’t stand dealing with or the horrible manager. 

Gone are those days!

As a freelancer, you will establish and deal with individuals and clients that fit with you.

Nevertheless, this does not indicate that you may from time to time have to challenge a demanding or frustrating client. 

But, at least you will have the option of not working with them if they truly make your life difficult. Save your sanity!

Select The Gigs You Prefer

“Everything really great and inspiring is created by the individual who can labour in freedom” Albert Einstein – You tell ‘m, Einstein!

Likewise, as a freelancer, you have the freedom to select the type of gigs you want and love to do and also manage the amount of work you take on. 

You can elect to do projects that you are passionate about and take pleasure in.

Freedom of contentment comes in various ways – this would be one of them. Enjoy!

Work-life Balance

  • Setting your priorities will no more be a mystery.

When you come to be a freelancer, your work-life equilibrium can be whatever you like. 

If you wish to work extra and take on more tasks to increase your cash flow, you can. Or, if you would rather unwind and indulge in the fruits of your labour, then you can do that, also.

When you come to be a freelancer, your work-life equilibrium can be whatever you like. 

If you wish to work extra and take on more tasks to increase your cash flow, you can. Or, if you would rather unwind and indulge in the fruits of your labour, then you can do that, also.

Being With Family

  • Blood is thicker than water, they say.

Some freelancers, choose to be self-employed so they can be around their children and family. 

I have personally worked alongside many VA’s and freelancers who have young children and find working from home, homeschooling their children fit in well with their means. Someone once told me they find inspiration in their children. 

When you have the freedom that comes with freelancing, you will have a clearer mind and view of your life. You will find inspiration in the most unexpected places.

Controlling Your Income As A Freelancer

  • Financial Independence

As a freelancer, you can set your own fees and rates. You will work as much as you need to and want. Dream as large as you desire.

Certainly, you will need to have competitive prices. The competition will always be there, but no one is like you – bear that in mind.

When you place yourself as a professional in your field you can bill premium costs for your skills. Likewise when you can take on larger projects the higher your income will be.

It is all in your own hands. 

Materializing Your Dreams 

  • there are endless possibilities for your dreams…

This is my most favourite part of being a freelancer.  Making my dreams come true. 

I am sure you have had many ideas and thoughts, or “I can do this but have not taken the plunge” floating in your head. 

Fear and the lack of belief in yourself blocks many from taking off, or not knowing where to start. Also, not having the right resources, it’s not the right time. All this is common.

I have been there.  But I have made my dreams come true and mentored many others to start their small business. 

But, believe me, there are endless possibilities for your dreams. Don’t let anyone or yourself stop you from trying something new. 


  • I submit to my Maker, wherever I may be

This is for every soul who is committed to a certain faith or belief. 

Speaking for myself, as a devoted Muslim woman, I have always been fortunate with employers in the past who gave me the freedom and space to fulfil my prayers and other spiritual responsibilities on time. 

However, this might not always be the case. Sadly, even in a place where the majority is of the same faith. 

While working as a freelancer, you will have freedom over many aspects of your life both personal and professional. You can hold a congregational prayer if you wish to!

Dress Code

  • Only the devil wears Prada

Wearing whatever I prefer. Do I need to say more? 

Nope, next!

Work Gossip

  • Hey psst… rumour has it that freelancing is the way to go…

I dislike this type of behaviour. It can be very negative and damaging, especially if it gets out of hand. If it happens at your workplace you may find it’s often hard to escape. Work gossip, you will not be missed.

Regardless of which part of the globe you decide to reside in, gossip will always be there. Maybe different languages and events but all the same.  So happy I don’t have to deal with this. 

Set Your Own Freelance Hours

  • More freedom?! You’re spoiling me!

As a freelancer, you can set your own hours and schedule for the week.  

That means If you’re a night owl who prefers working from 12 am to 8 am, you can do that. If you’d rather have a traditional schedule and work 8 am to 5 pm, you can do it.  

My day starts at 7 am and ends at 8 pm but it includes blocks of time for admin work, bookkeeping, client work, walking, social media and chocolate cake. This is what works best for me. 

Improve on Your Skills

  • Always look for ways to improve

As you will be your very own boss and also be the proprietor of your freelance business, it will push and give you the drive to improve your skills. It is also an excellent way to expand on your abilities and experience. 

Also, if you focus on a particular niche, then you can concentrate and develop those skills in your niche to become a specialist. Again, first-hand experience.

Becoming a specialist in your community is one of the most rewarding things you could ever experience. 

When I did charity work where I lived, I became known for my work ethic, experience and skills. It’s a fabulous way of giving back and making others aware of who you are and what you are capable of. 

It’s all about giving, receiving and growing. 

Freedom, Freedom, = Freelancer

  • Oh! Did I mention this already? 

Finally, freedom. Out of the numerous advantages to becoming a freelancer; for me, it all comes down to one point:   

FREEDOM. Loud and clear

Is freelance work right for you? I get to control a lot of elements of my work life that I certainly did not have control of when I was an employee.  Being a freelance Web Developer and SEO Specialist can be very challenging and sometimes difficult, but it is also extremely liberating and amongst one of the best decisions I have made.

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