Have you done an audit of your website lately? In this post, I’ll provide you with 5 key ways to boost your SEO for building trust online.

Building a solid reputation online is important for your consumer-brand relationship, and for establishing trust and authority with Google, especially if you want to rank well. You will quickly find out that not every page on your website with on-page SEO always ranks well.

Furthermore, you may have spent a good deal of time choosing your keywords wisely and optimizing your content to ensure the search engines find you. Yet still, your page is buried deep down at the bottom of the search results. Yet, other sites seem to rank more easily.

Why Building Consumer Trust Online Is Important 

Search Engine Optimization is not just about finding ranking keywords. There are a lot of other factors included, and building a trustworthy site is one of them.

One of the main reasons you may not be ranking is the trustworthiness of your website. There are a lot of things you can put in place to help you measure up and show the search engines you are trustworthy. Your readers will also feel reassured that you have a website that can be trusted. They will come back to you time and again because they know your good reputation. 

1.How To Get Customers To Trust Your Website

SSL Certificate – Secure Sockets Layer

Do you have a padlock on your website? When you buy, apply or sign up for something online, you should make sure the site has a secure sockets layer otherwise known as an SSL certificate. It will scramble all the data on the page into a code so, others will not see what you have typed.

5 Key Ways To Boost Your SEO For Building Trust Online - ssl certificate

In 2014 Google made having an SSL certificate a part of their Ranking Signal. So what does this mean? They take into account whether or not a site is secure and encrypted in their search algorithms.

Having an SSL certificate will provide your website with a secure connection for your users. They will feel safer knowing the pages where they share personal data with you is encrypted and secure. Further, it will build your trust with Google. 

If your site does not have a padlock, speak to your hosting provider about having an SSL certificate installed. Then find out the steps you need to take to insure your entire site is modified. You should find the majority of hosting providers offer the certificate as part of their standard package. If you’re looking for hosting you can check out Siteground, they provide a full package which includes the SSL certificate. 

To check if your website has the SSL certificate, look in the top left-hand corner of your URL, there should be a padlock. You can see from these example images below one website is not secure while the other is secure.

sceenshot 1
screen shot 2

2. Maximize Your Sites Speed

Another google ranking factor is the loading speed of your website. Improving your website’s loading time and ensuring it is mobile responsive and accessible will also help to boost trust. 

 Building Trust Online - speed test

The speed of your website is becoming more and more essential when it comes to ranking well. So much so, Google has provided free tools such as Pagespeed Insights, to help with the technical details to improve your site’s performance. You’re almost dead in the water If you can’t get this right. Should you choose WordPress to power your website, spending some time selecting the right theme will go a long way in helping you accomplish this. 

3. Do You Have A Privacy Policy?

Do you have a privacy policy, terms and conditions, or FAQ page on your website? Having these pages helps to add to the authority of your website with the search engines. It will also help to convey to your visitors and potential consumers that you are credible in what you’re doing. 

4. Social Media Assets

5 Key Ways To Boost Your SEO For Building Trust Online - social assets

Your social assets play another large role in trustworthiness. We are social creatures. We look towards others for clues on who we should trust and who we should best avoid. Make sure you sign up and optimize your social media profiles. Facebook, LinkedIn and the other well-known platforms of your choice will go along with your journey to build authority.

Build an audience and share quality content regularly. When others start to like, comment, and share, your credibility will also grow. 

5. Create Quality Content

Last but not least, work on producing quality content on your website, and try your best to get backlinks to your site from credible sources. Don’t be tempted and go to places like Fiverr to purchase traffic and links. In all honesty, it is more likely to do little good and probably hurt you in the long run. Instead, build your reach and these links organically and over time. 

So, these are the 5 key ways to boost your SEO for building trust online. Make sure to include them in your SEO strategy to inspire trustworthiness in your business. 

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