Recently, I have been on a transformative journey, both personally and professionally with branding and design. 

In this blog post, I will be sharing with you the recent change I made to my website, and how this change has allowed me to connect more deeply with my community and target market. 

Stick around for insights on personal branding, authenticity, and how branding and design can empower your brand’s identity while cultivating genuine connections with your audience.

The power of transformation

Ever since I began my business journey, I have been changing and growing in ways I never imagined. Challenges and obstacles helped me find my real self. With my love for Allah and my community, family, and friends, I gained the strength to overcome doubts and change the way I think. Being a student of the Quran has also provided me with a deeper understanding and guidance throughout this journey.

Embracing authenticity

So, let’s talk about personal branding. But not just the visuals. 

The soul of your brand can be in the way you speak, the stories you tell, and even the vibe you give off. I recently made a small change to my website by adding one word. 

Before – Beautiful Custom Websites for Female Entrepreneurs

After –    Beautiful Custom Websites for Muslim Female Entrepreneurs

“Muslim” yep, that’s all I changed. Suddenly, I felt free to be me 100%. And guess what? It clicked with my community, and other muslim women entrepreneurs just like me. 

Personal branding is all about connecting on a deeper level, sharing your essence, your journey, and your values. 

Understanding your target audience

Before you dive into the colours, fonts, and design elements, do you know your target audience?

Understanding who you are speaking to is the foundation of powerful branding. 

For Muslim female entrepreneurs, your audience might share cultural values, faith, and aspirations. Tailoring your brand and design to resonate with these aspects can help build a stronger connection and trust. When your audience feels understood and represented, they are more likely to engage with your brand and offerings.

Brand voice and messaging – speak your truth


Your brand’s voice is like your own special lingo. 

  • how you talk to your audience. 
  • sharing your thoughts and beliefs in a way that clicks with them. 
  • having a heart to heart conversation that builds trust and connection.

Authenticity –  be unapologetically you

Embrace your authenticity, and celebrate it. I can help you build a brand that is like no other because it will be a true reflection of you. When you are unapologetically yourself, your brand voice becomes a melody that resonates with those who matter most.

The journey to authenticity is not always easy, but it is worth it. And the best part, is you are not alone. I’m here to guide you, empower you, and make sure your brand’s voice is heard, loud and clear.

Consistency –  keeping it real, everywhere

Imagine meeting someone and they are completely a different person every time you see them. That’s confusing, right? 

Consistency is key in branding too. Same colours, same vibe, same “you” across all platforms. It is like giving your audience a reassuring wink.  

Your logo, colours, fonts, and images can speak volumes. They are like your business’s signature outfit, reflecting who you are and what you stand for. It is making a lasting impression that is uniquely you.

Emotional connection –  from heart to heart

Personal branding for me is not just about your business. It is also about you, the beating heart behind it all. Your business is an extension of you, a living canvas where your essence comes to life.

Now, let me share some things about me that I love. 

  • I’m a grandmother, and spending time with my grandkids is my source of joy. 
  • Long walks with my sisters in Islam keep me grounded and centred. And being a 
  • student of the Quran enriches my days with lessons and wisdom that guide both my personal and business journey. 

You see, all of this is not separate from my business, rather it is all intertwined, a tapestry of experiences that keep me balanced and functional. Rather, it is like the hidden thread that weaves my personal life and my business together.

Let’s Wrap Up

  • Curious about how your unique personality aligns with your dream website? 
  • Ready to find out which type of online presence suits you best?

Take my Brand Personality Quiz. It’s a fun journey that uncovers your website style based on your vibes and preferences. Plus a little bonus for those of you who are ready to embark on this journey with me. When you take my Brand Personality Quiz, you will receive my exclusive “Brand Consistency Blueprint” as a gift. It’s a free resource designed to help you maintain brand consistency while embracing your unique personality.

Keep shining and embracing your true self.

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