As Salaam Alaykum to all my sisters out there. It’s Jamila here, and I’m bursting to reveal the story and passion behind one of my creations. The Easy Access One Page Website.

I remember the early days of my entrepreneurial journey like it was yesterday. Back then I was a budding virtual assistant, full of dreams and ambitions, but with limited resources. I didn’t have a website. Funds were tight and a website seemed like a luxury I couldn’t afford. So, what did I do? I improvised.


I created a PDF outlining my services and saved it on my computer, ready to be emailed to any potential client who showed interest. For payments, I would generate invoices through a separate platform and send them over. I had a list of varied links saved on my phone, each one leading to a different aspect of my business. Whenever someone wanted to connect, I found myself manually sending a jumble of links, representing the scattered pieces of my online presence.

In short, I was all over the place. It was chaotic, to say the least. But hey, we all start somewhere, right? There is nothing wrong with starting small and using what you have.

I understand the struggle of starting a business without a central hub for all your online activities. 

A Solution to Unify Your Presence

Having a central hub that represents you is not just a luxury, it’s a necessity. Cutting through the noise and providing a space that is uniquely yours, a space where your audience can truly connect with you is what you need. 

Being online isn’t just about presence. it’s about coherence and clarity. Imagine having a beautiful wardrobe, but storing each item of clothing in a different room in your house. Every time you want to put together an outfit, you have to run from room to room, trying to remember where you kept those matching shoes or that perfect hijab.

This is what happens when your business’s online footprint is all over the place. Your audience might find a piece of content here or a product there, but they are missing the complete look – the full outfit that is your brand.

And so, the Easy Access One-Page Website was born.

My mission is simple, to help ambitious women like you get started on the right foot. I want you to have a central hub that not only makes your life easier but also adds credibility to your brand. A place where clients can find everything they need to know about you and your services, all under one roof.

I’m so passionate about offering this service. It’s more than just a product; it’s a lifeline for new entrepreneurs who deserve to start their journey with confidence and professionalism.

I have a question for you. If you could set up your first website today, what would be the most defining feature? Keep that thought in mind as we explore further the significance of a centralised hub that truly captures your brand.

Are Social Platforms Enough?

I have witnessed so many talented sisters secure their domain name, only to find the next steps daunting. For some, it’s the technical barriers, for others, it’s the sheer number of options out there. Many then pivot to social media platforms because it feels “easy” and familiar. 

Now, don’t get me wrong. Social platforms are fantastic. They have provided countless entrepreneurs the means to connect with their audience, and I’m all for that. However, the challenge arises when they become the only point of interaction.

These platforms are dynamic and ever evolving, which also means they are not entirely within your control. 


The Ever Changing Algorithms

One day you are the star, the next you are lost in a sea of content. When your content exists mainly on social media platforms, you dance to their tune, not yours. Their policies change and their algorithms often shift, and before you know it, your reach could be drastically reduced. Solely relying on these platforms, without a central hub like my one page website can be a fragile strategy.

Distractions Galore

Social media is not exactly the serene and focused environment for you to showcase your unique offering. I have a love hate relationship with social media. 

I often find myself logging in with a purpose, only to get sidetracked and realise an hour has passed. It’s such a fast and busy place. You can post your offer for your audience to see but they can easily get sidetracked by memes or a competitor’s content. It’s just the nature of the platform

From Domain Purchase to a One Page Website Presence

I created the one page website, especially for those of you who have secured a domain name but find the next steps a bit overwhelming. Whether it’s the tech stuff that’s tripping you up or just the sheer number of options out there, I’ve got you covered.

  • No More Tech Jitters – If you have ever felt like you need a degree in computer science just to get a website up, this is for you. I have streamlined the entire process, so you can go from owning a domain to having a live website without breaking a sweat or your brain.
  • To Make Quality Web Presence Affordable –  I believe every businesswoman, irrespective of her budget, deserves a website that looks professional, feels authentic, and most importantly, serves her audience effectively.

Starting Small, Dreaming Big

One of the most heartwarming aspects of my journey has been watching businesses grow. What begins as a small idea, with the right nurturing, can blossom into an empire. Your website should mirror this journey.

Starting with my One Page Website lays the foundation for bigger things and is akin to planting a seed. 

It might seem modest initially, but it has the potential to grow into a sprawling tree. 

  • As your business grows, so too can your website.  
  • As your offerings diversify, as you tap into new markets, your website can be moulded to reflect these changes. 

And the transition doesn’t have to be jarring. Upgrading from one page to five, or branching into custom designs, can be achieved with ease.

Your website journey is a marathon, not a sprint. I always say, “Start where you are, with what you have.” It’s about making that initial leap.

While the allure of a grand website is undeniable, remember that even the most massive oak trees were once tiny acorns. Your one page website is your acorn, a promise of the grandeur that lies ahead. With this foundational website, you have the flexibility to evolve and adapt as your business scales. 

My Parting Words

To all my fellow Muslimahs, I want to say this. Your passion, your dedication, and your drive inspire me every day. This One Page Website is my humble attempt to support and empower you on your entrepreneurial journey. 

I know the challenges we face in finding our space and voice online. This offering is my way of simplifying the journey, making the path clearer, and ensuring that your first steps are both confident and impactful.

If you have resonated with the need for a central hub for your business, I have something special for you. I put together a guide that not only highlights why an online presence outside of social media is crucial but also gives you some actionable steps to make it happen.

👉🏽 Download my guide, “10 Reasons Why an Online Presence Outside of Your Social Media is Important to Your Business,” and start building a resilient, sustainable brand today.

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