I am sure you would like your website to be a vital part of the success of your business? But, did you know there are 5 ways in particular people drive traffic away from their sites? 

I’m sure you can join me in saying there’s a treasure trove of information out there on how to make money online. Hey, I’ve found sites just like this myself. But, maybe it would be easier to demonstrate what not to do.

In this article. I will show you 5 mistakes that turn visitors away in droves, so they never return again. I’ll also be providing tips for making your site scream GET ME OUT OF HERE. If having a lonely website sounds better suited towards your needs rather than how to get traffic to your website fast, then read ahead carefully and follow my guidelines below, and you’ll get rid of any bothersome visitors to your site as quick as a blink.

1. What On Earth Is Your Website About?

Whatever you do, do not put on your website who you are, what you do or sell, and any problems you solve. Make people guess. Make it a complete mystery as to why you decided to build a website? All your visitors will be left in the dark.

Have you ever visited websites like this where you show up and think “What on earth is this all about?” If you do not present a clear message within the first 5 seconds as to why your visitors should spend their money, or at least come back again. Well, let’s just say there are plenty more fish in this sea!

The way you start a conversation with your visitors can either kill it or make it flourish. You need to be clear about why people should spend their money on what you are selling.

2. Make Sure Your Website Overwhelms Your Visitors 

Now, this is an important one. Make sure to overwhelm visitors with lots of information. This is almost as bad as the “GET ME OUR OF HERE” problem. But this time it’s “OH MY GOODNESS! WOW! website. You know the sites I’m referring to… When the page first loads your jaw drops, yeah that one. 

  • There are a ton of banners, 
  • links everywhere and 
  • articles galore. 
  • Where do you look? 
  • What do you do? 

I’ll tell you what I do. No surprise – I click the “x” in the upper right-hand corner.

3. Make Your Website Difficult To Navigate

On to my next point. For this one, make sure you make your booking process really complicated on your website. There’s nothing I love more than putting items into a shopping cart. Spending 20 minutes or so on all the sign-up and payment hurdles to figure out how to set up an account and pay.

You never guess what? Well, I’ll tell you anyway. It’s not the “contact us” button that gets clicked; it’s an ‘x’. You’re so good at getting rid of those pesky customers, aren’t ya?!

4. How To Increase Your Website Traffic NOT!

Phew! dodged that bullet!

Make sure to fill your website with outdated information and broken links.

You can breathe a sigh of relief knowing that your visitors clicked on a broken link and off they went. 

5. Your Losing Sales On Your Website

Lastly, I have a great tip for you. It’s a good one. Make sure there is no way for an interested customer or potential business partner to contact you.

Heaven forbid you might get some spam if you have your contact information on your website. You’re welcome!

Thank goodness you won’t have those bothersome customers emailing you while you’re trying to read up on the latest gossip.

Now That We Have Reached The End…

Sure. I’m being really silly. But realise that all these examples are true. I have seen plenty of websites that seem like they’re trying to drive visitors away. If you are going to invest spending time and energy in creating a WordPress website, for your online business. Do it right. Don’t just put up something willy nilly without thinking of how people are going to perceive your website. Believe me, they won’t stick around for long.

So, there you have it. If you want people to buy your products and services, then make it easy for them. If you’re going to go through all the trouble of building a website make sure that people can actually find it. And, once they do, make sure it looks nice and is easy to navigate, has clear calls to action, and looks professional. 

Are you convinced? If not, maybe I can sweeten the pot with a FREE MINI WEBSITE AUDIT for all my lovely readers. Sound good? 

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